At Smithdown Primary, we believe the use of information and communication technology is an integral part of the National Curriculum, a key skill for everyday life and vital for a successful future for our children. Computers, tablets, programmable robots, digital and video cameras are a few of the tools that can be used to acquire, organise, store, manipulate, interpret, communicate and present information. In an evolving world where technology is at the heart, we aim to develop enthusiasm in computational thinking and confidence in using the latest technologies for a range of purposes.

We are fortunate to have Mr Triggs from MGL work alongside our teachers to deliver our KS2 curriculum; providing a range of challenging computing activities.

Due to the cohort of children at Smithdown, we intend to shape our Computing curriculum to the children’s skills at the time which will differ from year to year. Thus, our teachers have the ownership to explore skills that may not have been embedded prior to their own year group.

At Smithdown, it is paramount that children are confident users of technology, including the internet, whilst exploring it safely. As a school, we have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of our children which includes online safety.

Online Safety

The Internet is an amazing place. Our pupils can play, create, learn and connect – the possibilities are endless. But there are also risks. Therefore we regularly discuss the importance of online safety with our pupils and they have all agreed to follow our acceptable use policy. Please click on the links below for copies of these documents.

Key stage 1 Acceptable Use Policy

Key stage 2 Acceptable Use Policy

Please click on the links below to find out more about our curriculum:



National Curriculum for Computing

Progression in Computing

Please click here to see the coverage of skills and progression across all year groups in: Computer Science, Information Technology and digital literacy.


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