We welcome feedback and the opportunity to respond to it from our school and wider community. Here are a selection of responses from our parent survey.

“It’s a wonderful school, the staff & the headteacher are brilliant and helpful, I  recommend it to everyone.”

“The staff and pupils at this school are amazing. They made me and my children feel so welcome when we joined. Any issues you have, the two ladies in the office always welcome you with a smile and do their best to resolve the problem themselves before going to anyone else. The curriculum is at a high standard and they will push your child to their level and beyond. The only problem I have is after school club. For parents who work it would be ideal if they provided after school care at school were your children can stay for free. Not saying this should be free but one that parents could pay for.”  We offer at least one after school club a week per year group and have developed an excellent relationship with a local after school club who pick up from Smithdown. We can support parents accessing this.

“Smithdown Primary School has each child’s needs met and with the school being multicultural they learn about different cultures and more. My children love being this school and have shown so much progress.”