“Music should be a pleasure, a joy and a delight!” Mrs Naylor


At Smithdown Primary, we know that music promotes positivity, self-confidence and a sense of community. Therefore, we believe that it should be a part of our everyday practise, whether through extra-curricular activities or music lessons. Below you will find an overview of what your child will be expected to learn in each of the Key Stages.

We are fortunate to have two music specialists delivering our music curriculum; Mrs Naylor and Ms Neville Evans.

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Smithdown Primary School Music Curriculum 2022-2023

Progression in Music

In Key Stage 1 the children will learn to use their voices to sing expressively through learning songs and chants linked to their topic. They will begin to develop an awareness of the different interrelated dimensions of music  through listening to a range of live and recorded music, and exploring and playing tuned and untuned instruments, which will include contributing to group and class compositions.

In Key Stage 2 the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of the different interrelated dimensions of music through composing and performing music linked to their topic, in addition to exploring music from other countries, cultures and that of great composers. There are opportunities, through after school singing, Ukulele and Brass Band clubs, for the children to continue to develop their musical skills. Children will also use technology to aid their understanding of music and to record their composition work.

Progression in music will be assessed through listening to musical responses and making regular video and audio recordings of their learning.

National Curriculum for Music

Musical Performances

We value the importance of performance.  We have a school choir who and, throughout the year, all children will be given the opportunity to showcase their musical talents in our half termly music assembly.  Parents are warmly welcome to these special occasions.  Our timetable will be confirmed soon.

Music Assembly Timetable – dates to be confirmed

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