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At Smithdown Primary, we aim to have all children reading widely, fluently and confidently. We are proud to be a ‘Power of Reading’ school and, as such, we use high quality texts to engage our pupils in reading and writing. It is our aim to encourage children to learn to love reading and to read regularly outside of school. We ask for you to support us by sitting with your child and listening to them read every day for a minimum of ten minutes.

Children will be taught two key reading skills:

  • word reading
  • comprehension

Word reading – the ability to decode words- will be taught through the use of the synthetic phonics scheme ‘ReadWriteInc.’ Children will be benchmarked to assess which level of books they should be reading and to ensure that they progress appropriately.

We are very fortunate to have two language support assistants to work with children for whom English is not their first language. These members of staff work with individual pupils and give advice to other staff to ensure these children receive high quality interventions.

Comprehension – the ability to understand and interpret what has been Children’s comprehension skills will be taught through high quality discussions with teachers and teaching assistants, individual and group reading times and whole class reading activities.

Celebrations such as World Book Day are used to invite authors into school and promote the pleasure and knowledge that can be gained from books.

Primary National Curriculum for English

Power of Reading

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